Certified Web3 Leader

Learn about the future of the internet and other industries from experts working in this field already today. We offer two different courses: online in Zurich (starting June) or in-person (starting August).

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The Course

The course is tailored to marketing, digitalization, and innovation professionals, blockchain, crypto, and web3 enthusiasts. The language of the course is English.
Min. participants: 10, max. participants: 25
Cost: CHF 1'350 (incl. VAT).

More information about the lecturers and course content.

Dates 2023 in person course

In-person course

Data in planning


Pascal Hügli: Crypto&Blockchain Researcher, Author, Content Creator and Lecturer
Florian Niggl: Co-Founder Coinstrategy
Gustavo Salami: Founder Kuble AG & Co-Founder Metaverse Academy
Roger Oberholzer: Executive Strategy Director Publicis Communications Schweiz & CEO Metaverse Academy
Ondrej Tylecek: Strategic Advisor – Web3 & Metaverse

Surprise guest speaker for web3 case study

In-person course starting August 2023. Booking is open now.


Meet our Experienced advisers


In my course, you will gain insights into the mythical beginnings of Bitcoin, learn the important distinction between Bitcoin the network and Bitcoin the asset, and learn why the latter is the new base money for cyberspace and its digital economy.

Pascal Hügli - Independent expert in digital finance and digital assets as well as lecturer, writer and consultant

Web3 is bringing a shift of power from the inside to the outside and marks the next evolutionary stage of the internet. Many intermediaries and platforms will become obsolete and users will take their place. Digital assets will be the currency of Web3 and play an important role in the ecosystem. Understanding tokenomics and its application areas is crucial.

Florian Niggl - Independent expert in digital finance and digital assets as well as lecturer, writer, and consultant
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