Leading brands and over 200 guests gathered at the "Metaverse Leaders Summit"

On May 16, 2023, the Metaverse Academy and the Swiss Association of MBAs (SAMBA) hosted the event at PwC in Zurich-Oerlikon. Virtual participation was also possible on Metabloqs, the first Swiss Metaverse.

Within this framework, more than 200 industry experts, digital pioneers, and thought leaders discussed relevant strategies, case studies, and insights for the Metaverse and Web3. AI and blockchain as new foundational technologies were also intensively discussed.

The program, featuring keynotes and panel discussions, covered a wide range of topics and addressed applications in the retail and luxury segments, as well as in the financial industry and the "Industrial Metaverse." Among the speakers were platforms such as Roblox, Microsoft, and Meta. Additionally, leading national and international brands like Richemont, Orange, Breitling, and Siemens showcased implemented practical examples, associated findings, and future outlooks.

Those following the discussions could conclude that it is not a question of "if" but rather "when" and "how" the internet will take the next step in its evolution with the Metaverse and Web3. AI will act as a significant booster for the development of immersive experiences.

Guests had the opportunity to gain practical VR experiences in the Experience Corner of the Metaverse Academy, where they could explore various 3D worlds. After all, experiencing the Metaverse is crucial to understanding its potential.

"The summit marks the starting point for further initiatives for us. I won't reveal more at the moment," said Roger Oberholzer, CEO of the Metaverse Academy, looking ahead.

"From the media headlines, it is evident that the first global hype wave is over. At the same time, many new projects are currently emerging that are strategically planned, leveraging the latest technical possibilities, and focused on business and brand value," he added. "The disruptive potential is so great that it is worth starting the learning curve now. Based on our experience of training, experiences, and strategy workshops with over 500 executives in the last 12 months, we know that those who engage with it usually change their perspective and recognize the possibilities of the future."