Roger Oberholzer appointed CEO of Metaverse Academy

Roger Oberholzer

Due to growth and further professionalization of its offerings, the Metaverse Academy, founded by the Kuble agency in March 2022, is expanding its management and appointing Roger Oberholzer as CEO. He will be relinquishing his position as Executive Strategy Director at Publicis Zurich, which he has held for the past three years, but will remain with the communication agency as a Strategy Consultant with a reduced workload.

Together with Dr. Martha Boekenfeld, Dean of Metaverse Academy and thought leader in the field of Metaverse, NFT, and Web3, as well as the four founding partners, Roger Oberholzer will be responsible for the further development of the Metaverse Academy.

"The Academy has successfully managed the first important steps. Over 500 executives have already attended various education formats. Now, the next step is to further develop offerings in the four areas of education, experiences, events, and community learning," says Roger Oberholzer at the start of his appointment. He adds: "I am impressed by how deeply the team led by Gustavo Salami, founder of the Academy and Head of Innovation at Kuble, is immersed in the topic. As natives and nerds, they have not only read about it, but have gained practical experience in the web3 space for several years."

The motto of Metaverse Academy will remain the same in the future: you cannot learn the metaverse, you have to experience it. With a focus on practical experience as well as relevance for business and brand.

Roger Oberholzer brings experience and expertise from over 15 years as a strategist and consultant in digital marketing and as Chief Learning Officer, having developed and managed continuing education portfolios for management for seven years at a business school.

"Being able to combine my passion for learning and teaching with this new evolution of the internet is a stroke of luck for me," says Roger Oberholzer. "The energy, passion, and drive of all those who have once immersed themselves are unique and contagious."

Dr. Martha Boekenfeld, Dean of Metaverse Academy, is also delighted with the appointment and the collaboration: "The subject is evolving rapidly. With Roger as a bridge builder between technological innovation and relevant business cases, we want to contribute to a strong innovation location, even in this field. Always with the aim of imparting future-proof skills to executives, teams, and companies."