The Road to Knowledge

Buckle up for a ride full of experiences learning, and experiments.

Season LOTUS started on November 2022


All you need is an NFT

To participate, you need to have the season pass, which consists of one particular NFT.

The Road to Knowledge

The Road to Knowledge is a way to develop a more profound understanding of the Metaverse, Web3, and the NFT world.

We support the notion that we learn faster together. Not everything can be experienced by everyone: Sometimes you need an expensive NFT token to participate in a game, Ethereum to acquire access tokens for a Metaverse or special hardware, etc. This is why we created the community “The Road to Knowledge”.

With the season pass LOTUS you get access to the channel on Discord. A season is a period of time. We decide when it starts and when it ends. One season can be between 1 and 6 months. This depends on the group dynamic. If you have a season pass from the last season or are a Metaverse Academy Alumni, you will be able to mint before the public for a lower price.

How it works

We experience the Metaverse together.

Get the season pass

The season pass can be purchased through this link.

Join the Discord channel

Once you have the season pass, you can join the channel here.

Become an active member of the community

We share with you journeys, talks, experiences, streams. Check it out and be part.

How it works

Show step by step how to get started.



The symbol of our first season is the lotus flower. In Buddhism, the white lotus is a symbol of the journey from the depths (representing materialism and selfish emotions) to supreme enlightenment, Nirvana. It is sometimes called the ‘Womb of the World’.

next season.png

To be unveiled

After the last season is over, we will unveil the next symbol.

Sound for the ride


I'm a Metaverse Academy Alumni, do I need to pay for the token?

No, you will get the token for free.

How long is a season?

We will not commit to a fixed duration due to many changing variables in the fields.

May I pay with a credit card?

Yes, you can buy the season pass with a credit card on OpenSea.

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